Monuments and Ruins, everywhere!!

There are so many monuments in Italy. Chances are you have seen pictures of the Roman Colosseum, The Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel.

They are also ruins that were discovered recently like these.

All I know is they were discovered in the 1920’s when a team was trying to build a luxury hotel. They noticed as they dug, five pillars protruding from the ground, and had to stop the operation.


They keep finding ruins wherever they try to build. Rome is building a new metro line today, and they had to stop again to bring in an excitation team because while drilling they found more monuments underground!

But not everything has been buried over time yet. You can still visit the pantheon. And you should.




It’s fantastic. As an American in Rome I walk around with my jaw hanging open, marveling at all of these monuments. It’s all gigantic. There is nothing like it.


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