Bitter sweet goodbyes

NOTE: The format is giving me fits. Some text isn’t lined up right with pictures but I want to post this blog and be on my way. I might fix it when I get to Germany buy no promises.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been having too much fun to update you in the last few weeks! Unfortunately though, this is my last day in Italy,  and therefore my last post from Rome. SOOOO that means I have to show you all the good stuff now.

Janel, Massimo, and I all went to Salerno the other weekend. We went to a shop where they make mozzarella, real mozzarella, not the stuff we settle for in the States. Maybe it’s the way they make it, or maybe it’s the buffalo milk, but this stuff is one of a kind.




Ipone pictures - Rome 189

In Salerno we also enjoyed a home made Italian meal. There were fresh craw-dad’s..  so fresh they almost crawled off the stove before cooking! Along with those, Massimo’s mom made clam pasta, and of course there were copious amounts of wine and prosecco we drank that night.

Ipone pictures - Rome 204


Oh, and if thought you knew about how olive oil runs threw the vanes of Italian’s you had no idea. This is a keg of home made olive oil that Rossa’s friend made for her. Needless to say it was delicious and we took five liters back to Rome with us!

For our last week together in Rome, my sister, her boyfriend, and I did all the things we hadn’t had the time or sense to do earlier on. Massimo made fried pizza. We went out the next night and had pizza in the style they perfected in Naples, I had my last aperitivo with Janel, and Massimo educated me about the wine from all the regions of Italy at a Roman style restaurant.

Fried pizza, Delicious.

Fried pizza, Delicious.


Pizza. It’s like pizza in America but 200 times better.

Last Aperitivo

Last Aperitivo

Wine School Class of 2014

Wine School Class of 2014



I’ll miss Janel and Massimo so much. I can’t thank my sister and Massimo enough for all their generosity and love. I came to Rome to see my sister and her boyfriend, but I’m leaving behind a sister and a brother.

Rome!Salerno! 027Ipone pictures - Rome 147

Rome!Salerno! 013

Ipone pictures - Rome 148Ipone pictures - Rome 198


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