Two years later…

Hey, I didn’t see you there. I’ve been kinda busy, and writing this blog has been forgotten about until recently. I’m still here though, so don’t forget about me!

Let me let you know what I’ve been doing since I left this blog in Rome a couple of years ago. I lived in Bremen, Germany where I learned how to make a sweet bunt cake. I finished my Computer Science B.S. and helped build a supercomputer. I made a wonderful friend with whom I quickly fell in love.

Now I’m starting my journey back to Italy where my sister and her fiancĂ© have had twins. I’ll be living there for four months eating buffalo mozzarella, changing diapers, and learning about family, myself, and some math when time permits.

I’m currently caught between two opposite feelings, and experiencing a fuzzy confusion there. I’m excited to go back to Rome and meet my niece and nephew, but sad to be leaving California and those I love here. I’ve been planning this trip for a year now, and in the last couple of months I’ve had the most amazing time with Chloe aka Cutie Cat aka Chloe-clo. It’s hard to say ‘until next time’ when next time is going to be in such a long time. Chloe and I have spent the last thirty days with our hands glued to each others.

The story doesn’t end for us here though. I know that the jokes we’ve made and the stories we tell each other can continue to grow. I believe in something that can live between a couple, like an invisible plant. We’ll find new ways to water it and it will continue growing. I’m grateful that I met someone so kind and brave. She’s willing to keep feeding the love between us while I’m traveling.

I plan to continue updating this blog frequently while I travel. You can also visit Chloe’s blog here at Life and Subtle-Tea.





One thought on “Two years later…

  1. Carol Coleman aka Auntie

    Wow! I’m so happy for you that you found someone you can care for so deeply. I know the time apart will be hard but your sister and her family will be truly enriched with you there. We love you and always wish for your happiness, your safety and your success! Enjoy Rome and the twins?


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