Love and Logic

Since I left Redding a few days ago I’ve driven between 300 and 400 miles. I went surfing in Pacifica, California, celebrated Pride in San Francisco, and got sunburned at Alameda Beach. In Pacifica I also lost my drivers license, found it again, and played ping-pong at a bar with my cousin. That night I stayed with another cousin in the south bay area a few blocks from Apple. We had pizza and watched baseball there. I cheated my vegetarian diet that night for a King Arthur Supreme from Round Table.

The next day I stopped to visit more family in east bay area and finally drove north to Oakland where I got a chance to settle and relax for a couple of nights at my grandma’s house. Just as I drove up to the house, my grandma and aunt were leaving to go out for lunch. I went with them.

It’s felt like I’ve been in constant motion for such a long time now, and today I’ll be boarding a plane and flying to the other side of the world. I’m feeling a bit down right now to be honest. It’s kinda like being homesick before I leave home.

My dad made me breakfast this morning. Leaving here hurts, but I know I’m not framing things in my mind as best I can right now. I mean… I can’t let myself dwell on what I think I’m leaving behind. I’m lucky for how much my dad cares about me, that he’ll do anything for me, including making me breakfast on the day I leave the country. I’m grateful that I can go and visit Janel, her fiancé, and my nice and nephew half way around the world. I’m so lucky in a million ways that I cannot even realize right now.

So that’s what’s really going on in my head 6 hours before I board this plane. I’m divided between feeling so lucky and free to make this trip, and also feeling guilty for being sad to say goodbye to California. I know I’ll be alright. Thank you everyone who has supported and encouraged me to do this.

Thanks mom and dad and Aunty Carol, Chloe, Miguel, Karlie, Professor Haag, Brad, and Scott… Seth, Matt, and Kyle, Maria, Sinem, Carlos, Evan, Jonah, Danny and Ashley. Thank you especially Janel and Massimo. I’m grateful for everyone whose encouragement pushed me to make this decision, and those who have inspired me to make traveling a part of my life.

That being said, here are some pictures  from the last couple of days on the road and in the Bay Area.


One thought on “Love and Logic

  1. Carol Coleman

    Love you Matt! It is normal to feel this way. Remember, California is but a Skype away. I’m so happy that you are a man of the world and feel comfortable to travel between continents. I’m sure everyone will miss you. Take on this new adventure and make some memories. We all love and support you. So glad you were able to visit with Grandma and I these past few days. We are so proud of you. You are a wonderful brother and uncle and an awesome son and nephew.
    Love you


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