First Week

So I let myself go, in my own eyes, way too long without posting anything here. I have to stick to some kind of schedule or else this blog is not going to work. From now on it’s Friday. Fridays I will post to the world wide web to update you, reader, as well as Future Matt wherever he is… about what this Writer Matt has been doing, seeing, eating and smelling. Anyways, that enough self berating psycho-babble. . .

When I last posted on this blog I was on my way to Italy, and BEHOLD! I made it.

On my way here I stopped in Istanbul, Turkey. There was a terrorist attack on the airport literally minutes after my plane left the gate. I didn’t hear about the attack until my plane touched down in Rome, and nobody on the flight or at Fiumicino airport (FCO) mentioned anything about the attack, although the bus that took me from the plane to FCO was met by armed guards and a random baggage check.

Since arriving in Rome things have been going well. I’ve been eating lots of different gelatos, and exploring the city on foot with my sister, niece and nephew. Janel’s fiancé, Massimo and I have been going on morning runs together. I’m having a great time out here.

Enough with the words though, here are some of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken so far. See you next Friday!


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