Blog Time, No See

Hello there, reader!

I’ve come back to write you about a few of the recent developments in my life. I’m helping OrientDB rewrite some of their Database Management System (DBMS) documentation. I’m leaving Rome today to visit Salerno and the Palinuro, Italy, with the Janel, Massimo, and the Twins; Leo and Bea (I asked Janel for a shorter way to say all of those names and she suggested ‘ The Calitalianos’). Also, I’ve got a definite date for flying back the the US! In other Calitaliano news, I just put Bea down for a nap.

Putting her to sleep is a big accomplishment in this house, because usually she’ll only sleep while her mother is breastfeeding her. You can earn a lot of points for putting her down without the magic of the milk. I’m celebrating this afternoon with a beer and this blog. You’ve gotta reward yourself for your achievements, it’s good for self efficacy!

On the note of self efficacy I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind. The reason I’m taking this year off after my Bachelors degree, and living with the Calitalianos is so that I could have time to consider what I want from my life after my undergraduate achievements. I’ve decided to pursue graduate school in California. Also as far as graduate school applications go, I will only apply for Ph.D programs in Mathematics. This is a bit of a leap because I did my B.S. in Computer Science- not the same subject.

It’s clear to me that math is the thing that’s calling me though. The books I lean towards when I’m at the book store are books about math or it’s history and players. When I’m bored I go to math community forms online and see what problems people are puzzling over. The classes that I felt the most confident is raising questions in were often math. I’m confident that this is where I’m suppose to be putting my attention.

I  often hear people tell me, “But Matt, all the money… all the jobs… all the important things are in Computer Science.” It’s somewhat true, there are a lot of computer science jobs and most pay well, but I’m less sure that that’s where my calling is. Another way I’m seeing things right now is… If I fail to get into the Ph.D program I’m after, then I will have given myself a comfortable cushion to fall on. I’m not any less qualified for the same career paths that are available to me right now should I try and fail to pursue myself as a mathematician.

So there you go reader, there is your peek into my thoughts. Next the we talk I hope to be showing you pictures of the warm Mediterranean beaches of Palinuro, Italy. Thanks for reading! Here are some recent pictures I’ve taken.


2 thoughts on “Blog Time, No See

  1. Carol Coleman aka Auntie

    Matt, I’m so proud of you. I’ve seen you with your computer and heard you talk about the books you were taking to Rome. I agree with your decision. Who knows, you might tries to the angle. I remember your grandpa correcting the math books. You have the brain, genes and the concentration to pursue math. No matter what I’ll always love you. Enjoy your time there. Love Auntie


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